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geocache's Journal

geocaching, use a GPS units to find treasure
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Geocaching is a new craze going around with the increase in affordability of GPS units. There are several websites where you can go and get coordinates in various state parks, along with a rating of how difficult or easy the adventures is. (the final brilliance of this is you don't get lost. Just mark the coordinates of your car and take off, your little GPS bloodhound will always get you home)

You take your GPS, go to the park, and start hiking around trying to find that coordinate. When you get there you look about for what is usually a rubbermaid container, or something equally weatherproof marked with the title that particular Geocache has. Inside you generally find inexpensive toys, notebooks to sign, things that you can take from one geocache to another..there are all kinds of variations of this fun game going on! (The benchmark data gathering project is neat, see the first website below)It's a great sport for people alone, or people to go on dates if you like hiking outdoors, or for couples and thier kids! (Kid's LOVE geocaching.)People at all physical levels can experience this.

Not only can you go find others neat treasures, but you can create hidden treasure chests of your own! Arrr matey! (for my pirate loving friends out there)



geocache money

an article

geocaching in Belgium

geocaching in Africa!

as you can see, this is becoming a world wide phenomena. There are many more sites that come up on google for geocaching, I just decided to do these few to give you all the idea.

I (wiseheron -community maintainer) only recently learned of this phenomena. Having just moved to the Adirondack Mountains I'm looking forward to spring and exploring!

So what exactly is this all about? For us to share our explorations, websites, ideas for creating geocaches, rate ones we've found, discuss saftey (what's best to use to repel ticks and other nasties, what kind of shoes/boots are good, walking sticks, backpack supplies, etc!) whatever related GPS-exploring thing you would like to talk about.

Please tell others about this community if you know it interests them. I'd love to get this community going by this summer!